What will this journey look like?

There is a lot of information out there on the pieces of how to build a container or run Kubernetes, but I have not found one that puts it all together. So my goal for this series is to do just that. Each post will be a different step in that process. I will be doing everything from a photon OS maching that can be downloaded from VMware’s github site, https://vmware.github.io/photon/.

Create your own NGINX container image

I will walk you through the setting up a linux VM, based on VMware’s Photon OS, configure docker, run a nginx container, create a custom webpage, and finally create a container image using a Dockerfile. We will build on this post by using that container image for Kubernetes.

Setting up Kubernetes using KinD (Coming soon…)

I will walk you through the process of setting up Kubernetes on a Photon OS linux box using docker. There are multiple ways to run Kubernetes but I am using KinD (Kubernetes in Docker) for this post. We will then build a Kubernetes POD from the NGINX container images created in the previous post.

Setting up TKG in a vSphere 6.7 and running a NGINX Kubernetes pod on it (In the works…)

This is the final step where we put it all together. I will walk you setting up TKG in vSphere and running your container image you built in previous posts, as a Kubernetes POD. We will then go through some basic TKG & Kubernetes commands to understand how a running POD works.

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